Brake Tips Video

Learn More About Your Vehicle’s Brakes

How to tell when your brakes need service, the best brake parts to use and what you can do to preserve the life of your brakes.

Summer Vehicle Travel Tips Video

Summer Travel Tips

Learn what maintenance items are crucial before heading off on a spring or summer road trip with your vehicle.

Winter Vehicle Travel Tips Video

Winter Weather Automotive Tips

When a winter check-up is performed on your vehicle, be sure to have your wiper blades, battery, belts and brakes looked at.

Car Care and Auto Maintenance Tips Video

Car Care Tips

Essential vehicle maintenance tips to help keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Expert Dealer Auto Service Video

How Your Dealer Cares for Your Vehicle

What to expect from the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac Certified Service technicians, including competitive prices, expert service and quality parts.


What Engine Oil to Use for Your Oil Change Video

What Engine Oil To Use

How to determine what kind of oil to use in your vehicle, including the various properties of oil and how oil protects your vehicle’s engine.

How To Check Your Engine Oil Video

How To Check Your Oil

A helpful tutorial on how to check your vehicle’s motor oil as well as when to check oil levels.

Tire Maintenance Video

Proper Tire Inflation and Rotation

Learn how proper wheel alignment and tire rotation increases tire longevity and helps ensure optimal vehicle performance.


Learn about Certified Service Vehicle Maintenance and Auto Repair Technicians
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