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Your tires have a tire load rating index and tire speed rating symbol (see diagram). Use the Tire Finder (above) to find the Original Equipment tire size, tire load index, and a tire speed rating for your vehicle.

A tire load rating index is an assigned number ranging from 1 to 279 that corresponds to the load-carrying capacity of a tire. Passenger cars and light-duty trucks generally have tire load rating index numbers that range from 72 to 120.

We recommend replacing your tires with ones that have the same tire load rating index and tire speed ratings as those originally installed on your vehicle. Do not replace tires on your vehicle with a lower tire load rating index and tire speed rating. Replacing tires that have a higher load and speed value is acceptable.

Note: Winter tires often have lower speed ratings. If winter tires are not available in the same speed rating as the Original Equipment tires, you must not exceed the speed rating of the winter tire chosen.



Tire speed ratings tell the speed your tire can safely maintain over time. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) set the ratings scale, shown below. But tire manufacturers test their own tires and assign their own tire speed ratings. On the sidewall of every tire, you'll find one of these tire speed rating codes:

Certified Service Tire Speed Ratings and Tire Load Ratings on Tire Sidewall
Certified Service Tire Speed Ratings

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