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Windshield wipers and rear wiper blades have come a long way since wipers were first patented in 1903. Today a variety of materials and styles create a wide array of wipers to whisk away rain, dirt, and snow. During a regular visit for an oil change, or any other service, your dealer should check your windshield wipers and rear wiper blades on your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle as part of the Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection.

Should you need new wipers, your Certified Service experts are proud to offer GM Original Equipment, ACDelco Advantage, and ACDelco Performance blades.


From the first hand-operated rubber windshield wiper to today’s automatic polymer blades, the wiper blade has evolved significantly in its 100-year-plus history. Today, most vehicles use a beam-style wiper blade, while vehicles manufactured prior to 2000 used a conventional-style wiper blade.

Conventional Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades

Conventional Windshield Wipers

Often standard on model-year 2000 or older models, conventional blades have a limited number of pressure points against the length of the blade.

Beam Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades

Beam Windshield Wipers

Beam blades have become more widely used in new-vehicle manufacturing. Lighter weight, fewer moving parts, and better aerodynamics make a beam blade the preferred wiper blade for more modern vehicles. The beam blade contours to the shape of the windshield and exerts pressure points across the length of the blade.



ACDelco Advantage All-Season Metal Wiper Blades

• All-metal blade
• One adapter for all hook arms
• Riveted superstructure for durability

ACDelco Classic Wiper Blades

• Silver finish
• Includes 10" - 18" blades that fit many of the classic cars through the '70s
• Perfect choice for classic vehicles

ACDelco Professional Heavy-Duty Wiper Blades

• Rugged, durable construction
• Flat blades for trucks
• Curved blades for buses, RVs, and trucks
• Blades fit virtually all modern RVs

ACDelco All-Season Plus Wiper Blades

• Extra-thick, rugged steel superstructure for better strength
• Preinstalled universal adapter fits most wiper arms directly

ACDelco Professional Performance Wiper Blades

• Easy fit assembly for quick installation
• No adapters required
• Made of high-strength steel
• Has corrosion-resistant epoxy coatings


ACDelco Advantage Beam Wiper Blades

• Universal-fit frameless blade
• Provides coverage for most vehicles on the road today, using a limited number of adapters
• Economically priced

ACDelco Professional Beam Wiper Blades with Spoiler

• Innovative curved, frameless blade design helps conform to the shape of your windshield
• Multiple pressure points that provide constant pressure for a uniform wipe
• Variable-size coupler provides optimal load distribution across the length of the blade
• Fits virtually all wiper arms directly without the need to replace adapters



ACDelco Winter Wiper Blades

• Rubber boot helps prevent snow and ice buildup
• Riveted steel superstructure for strength and durability
• Design allows for low connection point for hook arms and wipe stability for all wiper arm types



ACDelco Professional Washer Pumps

• Transfers washer fluid from the fluid reservoir to the windshield
• Universal washer pump fits most vehicles – domestic or import
• Full line of 12-volt pumps available for comprehensive vehicle coverage
• No cam to align or other fittings required
• Intermittent pumps for GM vehicles contain circuit board (no transferring of old board required)

ACDelco Professional Wiper Arms

• Serve as the mounting surface for the wiper blades
• Wrist action, narrow bayonet, and wide bayonet arm endings included for heavy-duty applications


Ignoring or putting off the replacement of faulty wiper blades is one of the surest ways to turn a minor annoyance into a larger problem. Use the signs below to know when to replace your front or rear window wipers.


Skipping of the blade caused by warped curvature of rubber of old wipers

Worn Rubber

Rounded or peeling edge of the wiper blade caused by extended use

Bent Wiper Frame

Bent wiper blades, often caused by ice scrapers or automatic car washes, can result in poor wiping


Blurry windshield caused by dry or dirty wiper blades

Split Rubber

Cracked and/or split rubber caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays

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